In the world of online marketing, getting your company name out there to the masses, matters. Video marketing is a huge industry that can make or break a company just starting out. When you are wanting your company to make it big in the industry, you want to make sure you have a video channel on the biggest video sites around such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Your channel should be treated like your store. You want it to show off your company in a light that will draw in consumers left and right. Because of this, making sure your company and videos are branded is essential to success.

Why Should You Brand?

Branding can help to create a personality, a face for your company. This is the face that consumers will see when they come across your videos. This is also the face that will keep them coming back for more. Many new viewers are introduced to your company by one video that they may find in searching or through the suggested videos. By branding your company you can showcase which content is yours so they can find additional videos and content easier.

Focus on Your Content

You want to focus on the type of content your brand conveys. You want to have a flow between your videos so that your viewers know what to expect in the future. Be sure to stay familiar and consistent. You should have a key message that you communicate with your viewers so they know what to look for. Lemonlight Media Chicago, a professional video production company, suggests you look at major corporate videos to see how they work. You should also go to their website to check out the impressive brand videos they’ve created for a variety of businesses. Watching Super Bowl commercials is a great way to study such tactics.

Icon Design

You want to have an icon that represents your brand across every social media outlet and video site. This is a way to make sure you have one consistent flow that viewers look for and so they can always find you.

Watermark Your Content

Watermarking is a great way to tell consumers which videos are yours. It is an embedded logo which will appear in all of your videos. This allows you to promote your brand name for your company across all outlets, and lets viewers know these videos are your exclusive property. Branding a watermark will allow you to provide flow and consistency throughout all outlets and channels your videos are on.

Consider Professional Video Production

Professional video production can take your brand to a whole new level. Through high quality, high definition videos you can create a brand that speaks worlds about the credibility to your business. Viewers and potential new customers will know you are a legitimate company that believes in quality above all else.


Before you start in the world of video marketing, you want to consider the potential of success through branding. Branding is one of the best ways to get your company name out to the world and to provide a face and personality to go along with your company. Your brand will become your lifeline and one of the most important keys to your company success.